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Septic Tank Repair

For homes that do not have access to a municipal wastewater system and a wastewater treatment plant, a septic system is indispensable for the removal of wastewater from their homes. As with any waste disposal system, the septic system must be well-maintained to ensure that it works efficiently, keeps your home and property clean, and does not pose a health risk from exposure to waste solids and bacteria. 

Septic systems will still require occasional repairs, although most malfunctions can be avoided with regular septic tank pumping and maintenance. You certainly don’t want to tamper with your septic tank, septic lines, or drain field on your own, so call one of the best local septic repair companies in Concord, NC: Concord Septic. We’ve been helping plumbing in our community for over 20 years.

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Common Repairs of Your Septic System

Emergency tank pumping: The septic tank needs to be pumped at least annually to remove the solid sludge that grows along the bottom of the tank as it filters out the water waste before moving it to the drain field. Sometimes the tank will need immediate septic pumping because the level of the sludge has risen high enough to block the intake and outlet lines, leading to the sewage back into the house or into the drainage field and then rising through the ground.

Fixing the drain field pipes: the drain field pipes that distribute the water after passing through the septic tank can sometimes break down due to the growth of the tree roots, the shift in the ground, or the construction on the ground above. Troubles with pipes in the drain field will cause severe drainage problems. The drain field will need to be excavated to fix broken pipes.

Replacing broken septic baffles: baffles inside the septic tank are designed to prevent solid material from leaving the tank and accessing the drain field. Baffles can be damaged by sulphuric acid or rust. When this happens, you’re going to need professionals to repair them. Septic baffle issues are often early warning signs of complete septic tank failure; your technician will be able to tell you good long-term solutions.

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At Concord Septic, we provide a full range of services for septic systems, from maintenance to complete replacements. We can determine whether you will benefit from repairs or whether the time has come to set up a new septic tank. Call us whenever you need  septic tank cleaning near me around the Concord, NC, or arrange for regular maintenance and pumping to give your system a long and useful life.

Concord Septic Tank Repair

Bearing in mind the rigors, expertise, and speed of service needed for septic tank repairs in Concord, NC, Concord Septic can be your trusted partner in the field of septic system repair. All that is needed for septic maintenance, installation, and repairs are available all year round.

We are the best in Concord, NC, to install septic tanks, maintain septic tanks or dismantle inadequate facilities. Also, we take care of the community’s most urgent need – Septic tank repairs in Concord. Although we are at home with every kind of septic installations and septic tank maintenance, we have dedicated staff to satisfy all our clients. We go above and beyond the septic services we give in Concord; we regularly inspect septic maintenance by our core experts, especially when electronic and mechanical tools are essential for installation.

We’re going the extra mile to offer top-notch Septic Tank Repair in Concord, NC, and nearby areas. Our job begins with a complete inspection of your septic facility. We have often identified unnoticed, weak, or slightly damaged septic components that could harm large tanks. We do it with ease when it calls for total repair. Since septic repair takes a lot more than the eyes can see, we also include septic tank treatment in our septic tank repair process. These treated septic tanks are responsible for bacteria and infections that may arise from the sewage system. For us at Concord Septic, our ultimate goal is to provide the best septic tank services and keep all septic systems functional. Work with us today!

Septic Tank Repair Concord NC

Septic Tank Repair Concord NC

At Concord Septic, we have a very long history of emergency septic tank repairs. We know that septic system accidents are some of the most unpleasant ones to deal with. We have gathered a list of possible signs that may alert you to the need for septic tank repairs before the issue becomes a disaster:

Foul Odor – If you notice that your home or yard is starting to reek an unpleasant stench, your septic tank is likely to need repairs. Foul smells can result from the build-up of sludge in your tank – the fuller your tank gets, the worse it smells. If your home has a persistent odor, we encourage you to call our Concord Septic team to get a professional assessment of your situation.

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Sewage Backups-If your septic tank exceeds its capacity, black sludge may come from your toilets, sinks, and drains. This sludge is the sewage that flows back from your tank. This problem is best evaded by regular tank cleaning, but it may also indicate a need for more serious repairs. 

Slow Drainage-The septic system in good working order will allow water to flow smoothly through your pipes and drains. Although this is another problem that can often be solved by cleaning, a slow draining sink or toilet may indicate the need to repair a septic tank.  Remember that regular septic tank cleaning will keep your system running healthy for years.  

Pooling Water-If you notice patches of your yard pooling with water, even if it has not rained recently, it is likely that your tank is overflowing or that your draining field pipes have become clogged. In either case, you may contact us at Concord Septic to get a professional full assessment of what septic tank repairs you may need.

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